Provider in the Spotlight: Improcom

Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Improcom has been offering business VoIP solutions since 1996. They offer many different business VoIP services, but they specialize in:

  • On-Site IP PBX solutions
  • Hosted PBX solutions
  • IP Faxing
  • SIP Trunking
  • Voice and Data Network management/design

Improcom’s state of the art facilities, technology, and 24/7 monitoring ensure the reliability and performance of their business VoIP service. Additionally, their purpose-built data centers are robust enough to handle the needs of a business of any size. Improcom also compliments their business VoIP solutions with award-winning support and easy financing.

Business VoIP Solutions with Improcom

On-Site IP PBX with SIP Trunking

Improcom offers SIP trunking services for in-house IP PBXs for offices that want to manage their own telecom services. SIP trunks with IP PBXs are great solutions for offices of any size that can manage and support their own internal IT setup. Improcom’s on-site IP PBX with unified communications plan with unlimited in and outbound calling starts at $24.95/month.

Improcom deals in almost all types of PBX, including Asterisk and Cisco IP PBXs. Their plans include hardware that can accommodate anywhere from 8 to 350 users. They also offer a wide variety of Cisco IP phones and adapters at competitive prices.

Hosted PBX

Improcom also offers a hosted PBX solution for businesses that are not equipped to support their own telecom solutions. Their hosted PBX plans are completely flexible and customizable to fit any business’s needs. Improcom’s hosted PBX plan starts at a very low $10.95/month. The plan includes advanced features like:

  • Call forwarding: Redirects incoming calls to another extension, voicemail, or mobile phone.
  • Call blocking: Program the system to block certain numbers from calling your business.
  • Find me/Follow me:Program the PBX to call a sequence of other phone numbers (like your cell or home phone) if you are away from your office phone when a call comes in.
  • Visual voicemail: Interact with your voicemail inbox by customizing settings or listening to messages from any computer or smartphone.
  • Conference bridging: Include 90+ participants in a conference call.
  • Full featured user web portal: Easily control and customize your VoIP system.
  • Softphone apps: Available for most devices including iPhones, Androids, PCs, Macs, laptops, and tablets

IP Faxing

Improcom offers v-fax service for $10.95. This is perfect for any customer that wants to integrate an IP faxing solution with their VoIP phone system.

Improcom’s VoIP Reseller Program

Improcom also has a VoIP reseller program, whereby any business or individual can break into the telecom business as a small VoIP provider.

As part of their VoIP Reseller program, Improcom offers training and assistance from Cisco Systems certified specialists. This makes their reseller program the perfect option for anyone interested in breaking into the telecom industry for the first time.

With their reseller program, Improcom can also take care of billing your subscribers. That way the reseller can focus on offering the best VoIP service possible.  

Improcom’s payout structure for their reseller program is very flexible. Improcom will either pay a one-time fee for each subscriber the reseller acquires, or provide monthly compensation based on the number of subscribers. Improcom also offers higher payouts for resellers that accumulate a high volume of subscribers.

Additional IP Services from Improcom

Improcom also offers additional IP services for businesses. Those services include:

  • A T-1 line for more consistent, and therefore faster, Internet than DSL or cable.
  • Professional installation of cables and wires.
  • Assistance building a robust data center.
  • Technical support for desktops and servers.
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