magicJack plus - a new magicJack

magicJack has something big planned for this evening: they're unveiling a new magicJack - magicJack plus - for $50. You get a year worth of phone service and don't have to connect the new magicJack to a computer.

Will magicJack plus work? That depends.

The good of magicJack

magicJack's a cheap service: $20 for a year with the original magicJack and $50 a year for the magicJack plus ($20 a year after that). magicJack's also pretty reliable, if you have really quick Internet (check your Internet speed) and are tech-savvy.

The new magicJack plus should be better than the current magicJack, since you don't have to connect the magicJack to a computer anymore. That's a cost savings right there and much more convenient.

Also, magicJack claims to have improved some of their call quality issues with some upgrades (we're not sure what was upgraded - they didn't say).

The bad of magicJack

magicJack sells its service for cheap, which is one of the reasons it's so popular. However, one of the ways that magicJack holds down the costs is by making it difficult to contact support - there's no 800 number, just email/chat support which - unfortunately - is not the most responsive.

Furthermore, magicJack shows you an advertisement every time you make a call. We'll see if this practice is translated to the magicJack plus (I'm not sure how magicJack would make you listen to an ad since the new magicJack doesn't connect to a computer).

But if magicJack plus works without ads, it could be a great bargain.

If you're not sure about magicJack...

Check out some of our other residential VoIP providers. Each has good user review, cheap service, and full-time support staff.

magicJack press release

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A big improvement

I hated the old MagicJack so much that I used to refer to it as MagicJoke. The new MagicJack Plus is a huge improvement. Yeah, it's still not quite as good as my AT&T POTS line. But it is close enough that I finally cut the cord. I do have a very fast cable connection, so I rarely have audio quality issues. So far, after several weeks of use, I'm very happy with it. Warning - if you port your phone number from another telco, they will charge you $20, and I never saw where they actually told me they were going to charge me.

Submitted by nkasoff on Wed, 2011-12-14 11:30.

Magic Jack Plus ... not very friendly

I use my phone for business.  When training someone how to do sales calls, 3 way calling is absolutely necessary!  Not possible with regular Magic Jack -  you have to get a conference call number --- the call someone you want to sell product to, explain you are training a new sales man and ask them to call you back on a conference call line so you can sell them products.... NOT.  Supposedly the new Magic Jack Plus has standard 3 way calling.  However, I just bought my MJ 2 months ago... and paid for 5 years of service.  They will not let me transfer the 5 years of service to the new device - I would have to pay again.  Seems rather poor customer service or business practices.  An upgrade should warrant transfer of current service.  I was told, "OH, but you can now have 2 devices in your home".....WOW just what I want.

Submitted by shejustis on Mon, 2011-10-24 06:22.