Couture Cell Phones and Designer VoIP Systems for the Elite and Brand Savvy Shoppers

Haute Couture is a term that the French use to describe specialty high fashion collections which are difficult to purchase because they are designed as works of art and not items for sale to the general public. Yes, the items are for sale but to the few elite savvy shoppers that are willing to pay the price for a specialty couture item. Believe it or not, VoIP phones are now featuring their own sort of couture in phone equipment.  Neiman’s to Prada and even Motorola have their own high tech, high fashion VoIP phone. Grab a seat for the catwalk of designer couture phones and VoIP equipment.

Designers as lofty as Prada have created their own cell phone.  The LG Prada cell phone is a sophisticated chic mobile phone complete with a touch screen, music player for MP3, ACC, RA and WMA. The phone has a video player for multi-formats and comes complete with Flash. You won’t need to use Flash to open Microsoft documents but you will be able to open a Power Point Presentation on the phone and even Word, Excel and .pdf documents.  Of course users will be able to take paparazzi style flash photos with the Prada phone and plenty of other bells and whistles only for the elite.

Vertu claims to be the pinnacle of cell phone excellence with their additional service features. The Vertu concierge is available at the touch of a button 24 hours a day and we are not talking about simple 411 features. The concierge will give you travel tips, book entertainment for you, make restaurant reservations and will do it in French if necessary. The concierge is available in multiple languages. The hardware of the Vertu includes ruby jeweled bearings, sapphire crystal on the face which is said to increase clarity and durability, alloy, Swiss watch screws and 18 carat gold or platinum to encase the handset. The high performance and deep bass on the 20 mm speaker is 50% larger than that of mass marketed cell phones.  Yes, this would be couture and not for the simpleton also known as the general public. I can see James Bond carrying one of these or Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. They even offer a collection with diamonds for the diva in all of us.

Then there is the Aura which was revealed in October and went on sale earlier this week for $2000 a pop.  The phone comes with chemically engraved designs and patterns, tungsten-carbon coated gears for easy downshifting when driving down hill and talking on the phone. Again Swiss made parts and 200 of them at that, a mirror polish finish and a it’s not your run of the mill flip phone it has a fancy circular opening switch blade style of opening.  It also features Crystal Talk technology for clear listening and advanced blue tooth technology for hands free chatting.

Futiro says that they are committed to delivering the very best quality in a USB handset. Their focus is quality design and manufacturing, build and sound.  They have a nice collection including the Luna, the Futiroterra and the FutiroSolo. The Luna is a classic VoIP handset designed with a full telephone keypad separate from the speaker so you can use them both simultaneously.  Then there is the Futiroterra a great looking VoIP handset with clean lines and a straightforward four-button design keypad for intuitive handling and easy VoIP dialing. The Futiro Solo is a great option for business travelers, a convenient palm sized USB handset with an attractive carrying case which will fit easily into a laptop case or in a pocket.

All savvy shoppers know that Neiman’s is the place to go for high end purchases. The personal video phone available at is on sale now for a mere $519.00. The lucky owners of the personal video phone can call and see loved ones in living color on their VoIP phone. The removable handset can be cordless; photos can be uploaded to the address book so you can see your favorite photo of Aunt Hildegard when she calls. Or if she hates the photo you have of her in faux fur then take a new picture of her in her new fur stole with the built in camera. The 16:9 ratio LCD screen is sure to make Aunt Hildegard look her best, just be sure you remember to back light her in the photo.

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