Zingotel is out of voip business race

Zingotel has been in business for quite some time and it finally went on their knees and collapsed. Ones would say because they have poor residential voip service or customers service which forced them out of voip business. Perhaps is a combination of economic downturns and bad business practices, no one really knows.

Reports are coming in from their users saying they have been facing with credit card charges issues, bad call connections, and even service disruption. And they also get notice of changing ownership. Supposedly, Miracle Tel bought out Zingotel. Miracle Tel claimed to have be in voip business for more than 6 years, but yet it has always been under voipreview's radar.

We encourage users to share their experiences with Miracle Tel to give us a better picture of the performance of this new voip company. Until then, only time will tell if they are as solid as they have claimed.

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