Best Home VoIP

Best Home Voip

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. With VoIP, you can use your high speed Internet connection to make and take calls. Technology has really improved in recent years, allowing for good service and good deals for homes.

Residential VoIP Service Providers

Home VoIP is a growing industry. There is high competition in the market, which makes VoIP a much more viable and affordable option for households.

Home VoIP can either involve an analog adapter for your current telephone or you can buy new phones designed for VoIP.

VoIP also has the perk of lots of features included in your subscription.

Basic features of home VoIP include:

  • voicemail
  • caller ID
  • call waiting
  • 3-way calling
  • complimentary 2nd line

Finding the Best Home VoIP

There are many, many home VoIP service providers out there today. How do you choose?

For one, you can compare some of the best home VoIP service providers below:

Best Home VoIP providers

What, really, is the best home VoIP service? That all depends on you.

Follow these criteria:

  1. Know what you want/need
  2. Read reviews
  3. Research

Know what you need from your telephone service. VoIP will be using your Internet connection so make sure it’s up to speed(the faster, the better quality service you will have with VoIP).

Do you care more for features or for saving up to 90% on your phone bill? A compromise between the two also works. Do you want 2 lines? 3-way calling? Both of these features are offered frequently, and for free with subscription.

Consider how many minutes you want, as well. Do you want a plan that only charges you for every minute you use the phone? Or do you want a flat rate every month (called an unlimited plan)? Do you need international calling?

When you can answer the above basic questions, look over various service providers that interest you. Read what other customers have to say.

How do the service providers treat their customers? How reliable is their service? Pay attention to aggregate as well as average number of reviews. The more reviews it has, the more likely it is that the VoIP provider has been around for awhile and is a dependable service.

Once you see a home VoIP provider with the features you want, in your price range, with satisfactory reviews, research their plans.

Plans always have different steps or tiers. For example, ViaTalk offers 2000 minutes for $8.95/month with its Unlimited Lite plan. ViaTalk's next plan up offers completely unlimited minutes.

Research requires deeper digging, however. Read the terms of service. You'll find all the fine print and rules there. Unlimited plans actually have a minute cap, called the Fair Use Limit. If you exceed it, you will be heavily penalized. Back to our example, ViaTalk's terms of service says it will charge 1.9¢ a minute if 5,100 minutes are exceeded in 30 days.

You can also check into discounts available for users of VoipReview - or ask for them when you sign up (usually, these discounts are listed in our comparison tables).

Overall, the best VoIP service provider for your home will be affordable, reliable, and convenient. It will match the features you want, hopefully for a good deal!